CCTV Drain Survey Services

CCTV Drain Surveying

Businesses large and small in both the private and public sector can now benefit from CCTV survey technology. This is being offered to you to detect blockages and identifying their serviceability.

Only the best technology is utilised by Drainfix when surveying to discover structural drainage concerns, investigating causes of blockages and tracing drainage runs from as little as 40mm to a maximum 1000mm diameter. When tracing maximum diameter pipes the use of specialised Crawler Camera Units are deployed.

The results of completed surveys are collated and translated into a detailed report specifying drainage layout plans as well as a survey coding report and full recommendations, with estimate costs for repairs. Along with the report details you will receive your own copy of all CCTV footage supplied on a choice of DVD or video for you to view at your leisure.

Drainfix also have a fleet of vans, fitted with specialised jetting equipment, ready to pre-clean all pipes in preparation for any surveys.

For home buyers CCTV surveys are a must, as more and more mortgage lenders recognise the benefits of the superior technology. They are now advising lenders to take advantage of this option when having a structural survey carried out on the property they are buying. For a small additional cost your drains can also be surveyed, buying peace of mind and avoiding a costly repair bill later.

To view an example of our CCTV Report, click here.

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