Drain Excavation and Drain Repair in Essex

Drain Excavation & Drain Repair

With excavation and repair Drainfix can provide the service you need, be it domestic, industrial or anything in between with the expertise of our Footpath and Road Trained Operatives.

Having a 'Street Works License' and training, provides us with the qualification needed to work with the Public Sector on the highways. Ground movement, root infestation, subsidence and corrosion, can cause cracks and total collapse of drains and sewers; leaving devastating consequences. In some circumstances the only way to resolve this problem is by excavation and replacement of the defective section of drain run or the installation of Soakaways.

Very competitive rates are offered for all our drainage repair work.

More About Drain Repair

Drain excavation is a complex process that involves digging a hole or a trench to expose the drainage pipes that need any attention or repair. Unfortunately, it does leave the possibility of damaging the ground above the problematic area of the drain depending on the material above it.

Drain excavations are done usually when there is no other option. In some cases, there are certain situations where the drain, sewer or pipeline can only be repaired or replaced by digging a hole into the ground to access the drain pipe. An excavation is done in the more severe cases where a problem with the drainage system occurs.

An excavation will need to take place if:

  • A small repair or cleaning is not enough
  • There are multiple leaks
  • The drain or pipe is old or in poor condition
  • The drain or pipe has collapsed altogether

Do I Need A Drain Excavation?

Drain excavations and repairs are only done in those cases where a basic drain or pipe repair is not enough and if cleaning the drain won’t repair the damage. Over time, ground movement, root infestation, subsidence and corrosion can create and cause cracks in the drains, sewers and pipelines. In more severe cases, these effects can cause total collapse of the drains, sewers and pipelines. This can leave devastating consequences if the problematic area is not identified, reported and repaired as soon as possible.

DrainFix Services Ltd Excavation and Drain Repair

Because it is such a intricate task that needs careful thought and planning, it should be done by a professional. At DrainFix Services Limited, we have a reliable team of qualified drain experts who take health and safety seriously. Besides the actual excavation itself, there are a few tasks that need to be done. That is why at DrainFix Services Limited, we take care of the site assessment, health and safety considerations, storage of excavated material and site reinstatement.

We can provide the comprehensive service you need at a competitive price. Our considerate and reliable team of drain experts can provide a drain excavation service to domestic and industrial properties. Our experienced Footpath and Road Trained Operatives have the training, skills and expertise to correctly and safely carry out the drain excavation and repair service to ensure that the repair of the drain and the restoration of the area is done cost effectively and efficiently.

Why to Choose DrainFix Services Ltd for Drainage Solutions

Our drainage and plumbing experts have ‘Street Works License’ training, which is the qualification needed to provide us with the right to legally work with the Public Sector on the highways.

Our team of experts take pride in their work and take the correct measures, planning and paperwork before carrying out any excavation work to ensure that the job is done right and the results are successful.

Contact our drain professionals at DrainFix Services Limited to get more information on our drain excavation and repair service on 01245 268523. We are based in Chelmsford and are happy to serve businesses small and large in both the private and public sector.