Pump Stations and Treatment Plants Service in Essex

Sewage Pumping Station Services

Where a sufficient gravitational fall is not available, DrainFix Services Ltd can offer pumping stations to pump the raw sewage to the mains sewerage at the roadway or equivalent public sewer connection.

For domestic situations a single pump system within a concrete or plastic chamber is commonly used.

High level alarm panels are available as an option to provide audible or visual warning of pumping system failure.

For larger or more complex applications, we can offer a dual pump package station. The pumps are usually set to switch between one another ensuring even wear, but during periods of heavy demand both will run.

For septic tank installations where it is not possible to discharge effluent directly to a soak away, we offer effluent pumping stations to transfer the sewage liquor to a remote soak away.

In addition to pumping stations, DrainFix Services Ltd also supply treatment plant for dwellings which are not within easy reach of the mains sewer.

These include septic tank with soakway or package treatment plant where suitable.

Sewage and the individual elements that make it up is one of the most corrosive environments in which mechanical equipment will ever operate. This coupled with the variety of materials that enter a pump station mean that the need for regular planned maintenance is vital to ensure that good function around the clock is maintained.

DrainFix Services Ltd provide service and maintenance for sewage and storm water pumping stations including planned and emergency response cover, system refurbishment and pump rewinding.

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