Preventing Blockages

Although we here at Drainfix Services Ltd can help you unblock drains and toilets quickly and efficiently, it’s important to us that all of our customers understand how to best look after their drainage systems so that they can avoid blockages as much as possible.

Blockages in toilets

The main issue for the majority of blockages is usually what you are actually putting down your drains. So what doesn’t belong in your drainage? Here’s a brief list of what not to put down the toilet:

  • wipes (even if they say they are flushable!)
  • nappies
  • cotton buds
  • plasters and bandages
  • sanitary products and their packaging

Basically, if it doesn’t come from your body (or it isn’t toilet paper) it shouldn’t be going into your toilet.

Blockages in toilets can also be caused by using too much (or too thick) toilet roll. Consider using less (which is cheaper) and sticking to a lower ply. We also recommend you use a cageless freshener (if you must use one at all!) as these stick to the pan and will slowly disintegrate if they do end up in the pipes, unlike caged toilet fresheners which will get stuck.

It isn’t just what you put in your loo that causes blockages, though. What about a slow draining kitchen sink? Leftover food and grease from cooking is often the main cause of blockages in this part of the house, and has a huge knock-on effect. Try to make sure you’ve put any big chunks of wasted food or crumbs in your food bin, and wipe away grease from plates and pans before washing. A sink strainer is also a great idea for stopping these nasties getting in to your drains.

Blockages in drains

Other things to watch out for to prevent blockages: a build-up of hair in your drains and pipelines, certain soaps and silly bits from bath bombs (like seaweed or rose petals) as well as paints, paint thinners and plastics. All of these should be disposed of in the correct way (ie. the bin or, in the case of paint/paint thinners, the local recycling centre) and not flushed down your drains!

Drainage system faults

Sometimes, though, blockages can be caused by the incorrect installation or fall of your drainage system. This is a bit more complicated and would need to be corrected to ensure blockages do not happen – or do not continue. This is when you would need to speak to a professional.

We can help

Left it too late to prevent a blockage or worried you have the incorrect ‘fall’? No worries! Call us on 01245 268523 or email us at and we’ll help you get your drainage system clear in no time.

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